Reasons Why We Need to Fish

There are a lot of fishing enthusiasts around Virginia. When it comes to fishing it’s hard not to convince them. For them, it is not just about what fish they are going to catch, it is about catching the fish and everything in between. They get really excited when they reel in a 30-pound fish or seeing a majestic view like a brook trout flying out of the water. Yet, not all people share their enthusiasm as much as fishing enthusiast so here is a list of reasons why people need to go fishing.

1) We can help in Preservation: Fishing enthusiasts really love the environment and are really passionate about it. By acquiring a fishing license and by also paying some special taxes that are required by the government that are also agreed upon by the Anglers (what we call fishing enthusiasts). These taxes fund many wild life preservation programs around the United States and especially in Virginia. These special taxes also help in educational programs of the government and also help in purchasing a lot of public lands, where people are allowed to recreate every year. Anglers are also very much aware how important it is to have clean water and clean air and they pride themselves with having the ability to preserve our environment.

2) Stress Release: If people ask anglers why they like to spend a lot of time outside most of them would probably answer you with the word “freedom”. Spending a day relaxed outside fishing, waiting for some trout on a steady stream is one way to release all the stress that your body is feeling after a hard week. Releasing all the tensions that you are feeling really makes you feel alive.

3) It is a Social event: Fishing is an experience worth sharing with your friends and family because it helps strengthen them. It can also mean as a fulfilling event for you to share to other people the wonders of nature. You can serve as their mentor and having them experience and see how beautiful our natural resources are.

4) We help in Wildlife and Fisheries Management: Fishing is very important in wildlife management. For more than a century, anglers have helped in both wildlife and fisheries management on controlling the wildlife in set seasons and creel limits. Wildlife populations of most fish species continue to become unchanging and some even grow their population, there was a time when the many fish species’ population have gone down due to pollution and over harvest. Anglers also are working hard in keeping the environment clean and they swear to protect all species and the environment in an effort to help increase bio-diversity in the country.

5) It can be a low-key workout: More than half of the population of America are overweight. Fishing makes you go outside and become active. This would make you feel better and it helps you think to a healthier way of living. Fishing could add some years to your life since it can help burn some calories and change your lifestyle.

6) Rebirth: Even if you are having a tough day in fishing, it is still a lot better than a day at work or doing some chores at home. Having fun is what’s important in life and people who fish will assure you that fishing is really fun, whether you are trying to reel in a gigantic trout or even enjoying fishing for some stripers.

7) Self-actualization: Fishing gives you a chance to grow as a person. It makes you feel more respect for the environment and can make you hone your outdoor skills. You can set goals that you can achieve every time you fish and that can help your self-esteem.

8) Growth for the Economy: Anglers help the economy by generating more taxes that help support the environment and make more jobs for people.

9) Fish is also Food: Wild fish are really high in protein and low on fat. They also are low in cholesterol which is really healthy.

10) The Thrill of Fishing: Fishing is a challenge. Waiting patiently for some wild trout and striders that are very elusive can be really thrilling. We need to pursue and catch which is really fulfilling to say the least. Some people really say that the life lessons that you will experience along the way is the most important thing.


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