The Touring Wooden Kayak

Kayaking is a fun and relaxing way to explore open waters, whether it be a lake, a river or even the sea. The Touring Wooden Kayak by Ellero is a great way to do just that in style. It was designed for long distance trips by maximizing the boat’s speed and efficiency with heightened stability making it perfect for kayakers of intermediate to advanced skill levels. The boat is quite versatile and can be taken apart and stored in three parts. When assembled it can be paddled, sailed, motorized and you can even add a catamaran to it.

Ellero believes that wood is the best material with which to make a kayak, not only does it make the design, light, durable and long lasting but it gives the boat a beautifully classic look. They offer a build your own boat service, which allows customers to have the flexibility to create a boat that most fits their needs. The leisure boats come in four different models in either small, medium or large. Ellero also offers premade boats but an added bonus to the custom boats is that they cost less than the premade ones. They believe that their customers should be able to build the boat that does what they want it to do.

The kayaks are constructed with wood and fiberglass in a 12-panel design. The marine plywood panels are made of sustainable African Mohogany and they are precision cut and grain matched. This design ensures a sleek hull that maintains its shape. The materials make the boat lightweight, but noticeably stiffer than traditional carbon fiber boats. This results in enhanced energy transfer from the boat to the water. Each of the panels also have 0.001-inch finger joints that keep the panels properly aligned, increasing the boat’s overall strength. The outside of the boat is coated in a ultra-clear fiberglass and resin to create a protective layer over the wood.

The kayak is designed to be higher at the front in order to cut through the water and lower at the back for boat rolling. It has good straight tracking as well as great turning ability. The boat’s cockpit is spacious in order to accommodate users with longer legs, but for users with shorter legs, the end of the cockpit doubles as a storage area. The cockpit also has a bulkhead on each side to provide added floatation and prevent flooding.

You can order optional add-ons for your kayaks that integrate seamlessly with your boat.

Some of the customizable features include sails, electric motors, rudders, deck racks, outriggers and amas. You can also order a custom seat for added comfort and adjustable foot braces for support. The kayaks also have hatches on the front and the back that are secured closed with a durable bungee system. Similarly, you can also store your gear on top of the boat at the front and at the back. There is also a quiet carry handle attachment that allows you to easily transport your kayak and a spray skirt to keep you and your cockpit dry. Lastly, the boat comes with six locking points, two handle attachment points located in the front and back of the boat as well as two in the center that function as seat attachments. These help to lock your boat in place.

You can feel confident in the superior design of your customized kayak. So, if you are ready to start a new adventure and travel in style the Ellero Touring Wooden Kayak may be just the thing for you.


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